We offer Social Franchising!

In the past 15 years, equalizent has expanded its know-how, focusing on Sign Language, Diversity Management and training courses for Deaf people. Our aim is to create competence centres all across Europe.

In order to realise our goal, we would like to share our know-how – via Social Franchise. Together with our partners, we want to reduce barriers. One way to do so is to offer accessible training courses for Deaf people.

We are looking for partners! Be they courageous start-ups, stakeholders, adults with experience in further education or other backgrounds, together we can move mountains! We are looking forward to meeting our future partners and sharing their expertise in order to adjust our concepts to their (local) needs.

Why are we successful?

A successful training institute like equalizent is unique in Europe – to date! Our success story comes in three parts/packages:

Packages for participants:

In our training courses, we use only Sign Language. Deaf trainers automatically act as role models and prepare our participants for their future on the job market. The future is increasingly digital and so is our training content.

All our training materials are designed accessibly and geared to the needs of Deaf students/participants. Our content is accessible on our digital platform around the clock. We use holistic training methods and teach in a modern way.

Social skills and handling complex situations are two core themes of our success story. During our courses, we teach not only professional competencies but also support the acquisition of people skills, too. This gives participants confidence – not only during courses but also in the long-term.

Package for trainers:

We support our partners to find the best and most specialised trainers. According to your needs, our experts train your staff on-site or via webinars at your convenience. This happens not only at the beginning of our journey, but continuous coaching and companionship is key to our success.

We offer a wide range of training materials on our platform. All information is easily accessible and available for our trainers. Our content is updated regularly.

Package for the managers:

equalizent trains the franchise partners’ management on-site, offering tailor-made training and coaching by experts. Needless to say, we offer webinars for our partners as well, if on-site consulting is not possible at that point in time.

equalizent’s know-how has been field-tested for 15 years. Our support enables our business partners to build their own business model that is perfectly embedded into its regional environment.

For your success to be sustainable, we take care of networking, evaluation and structures. All management communicates on equal terms. Once a year, all partners meet for an exchange.

Our mission

Three key points are very important to us:

  • We want Deaf people to have access to education, which is adjusted to their needs, in Sign Language – no matter where they live.
  • Skilled role models who pass on their knowledge are an essential part of equalizent.
  • We are looking forward to committed management, Deaf or hearing, who want to establish a competence centre together with us.

Into the future

Our approach is future-related and digitalisation is very important to us. Deaf participants will be perfectly prepared for all aspects of their future working lives because we offer a broad variety of training methods – both analogue and digital. Of course, trainers have access to all of equalizent‘s teaching materials. In addition, managements stay flexible due to digitalisation in all areas.

Digitalisation – an example

What is our digital camp?

While attending our digital camp, we would like our participants to prepare themselves actively for their working future. Starting with the private use of web-contents (such as social media), they then progress to more job-related content to improve their working competencies.

We emphasise the strong link with everyday life skills. Digital signatures for example, which may be needed privately or at work. If you know your way around on social media, you have a much greater chance of the chance of finding work on such platforms in addition to traditional job applications. A tablet for example can be used in many different ways, to study using our online tools or as office equipment to enable you to work from home.

We pass on our experience as a part of our Franchise package. This is how innovative learning methods get implemented in daily routines and a successful job placement is within our participant’s grasp!