Who we are

Located in the heart of Vienna equalizent is a competence centre for Deaf people with long-standing expertise in Deafness, Sign Language and Diversity Management. We work with Deaf trainers who teach in Sign Language. This may sound obvious but in fact, it is not obvious in many countries to date. We would like to change this, together with our strong partners.

One of our target groups are so-called low-functioning deaf, meaning Deaf people who have a variety of needs. We try to cater for those needs, aiming at finding jobs on the first labour market for and together with our participants/clients. Our range includes complete solutions in our franchise package, covering everything from training courses to coaching for the management. We would like to share our experience with you since up to 70% of our trainees/participants are able to find a job with our support. Our future aim is to remove barriers in all of Europe via Social Franchise. Starting with Germany, we will establish competence centres in a variety of countries.

What’s the story of our success?

In our competence centre in Vienna, we employ more than seventy people, one third of our staff are Deaf. Our bilingual working environment – in Sign Language and spoken/written language - is an integral part of our success.

Have a closer look here: www.equalizent.com

Are you curious now? Visiting us at our headquarters is a good way to get a closer look at how things work. Contact us for an individual consultation in Vienna, including a glimpse behind the scenes of our equalizent-world. contact us

What makes us different from other training centres?

equalizent unites everything under one roof. We adapt our training to suit the level of the individual participant, primarily through contrastive learning and innovative approaches. Trainers act as role models, while working in a bilingual company. Managers work closely together and adjust to individual and regional needs. This enables us to develop new content for our training courses continuously. Our aim is to stay innovative, while further developing existing content. We want to achieve this at all company levels, working closely together with our franchise partners.

Building a close network to local associations, stakeholders/donors and other structures within the Deaf community is very important to us as well. Using existing structures enables us not only to utilise existing resources, but to be an integral part of them at the same time.

All of these intentions are built on our core competency: Diversity. Social responsibility and enabling lifelong learning are values which we and our franchise partners value highly, not just in our training courses but within our company as a whole.